All That Glitters
All That Glitters rapunzel (tangled) stories

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All That Glitters

“But it’d pretty much burn a hole in your tongue at that point, so after that you need to soak it for another five days-“


Anna turned to see her cousin rushing towards her through the crowded ballroom. Even without the small tiara, she would've stuck out by the ragged cropping of her brown hair.

"Rapunzel!" Anna cried. The two clasped hands, bouncing in glee. “I’m so sorry! I know I should’ve found you first, but it was just crazy! The winds stopped not even an hour from shore. Boom.

I’m telling you I looked out and the surface was like a lake. Our captain was practically ready to break out the life boats and personally row me to the castle when they finally picked up again.

And then by the time we docked, the party was in full swing so-“

"Don't worry, our messengers told us everything.” Rapunzel smiled. “You look great by the way. I take it you got ready on the ship?”

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