All Quiet
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A fiction by ryyves adapted for commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

All Quiet

Jamie doesn't sleep so well.

Tonight he doesn’t sleep at all.

The mark is gone: the third tier, the reminder of when the demon had talons in his soul and he felt like he was freezing; the second tier,

which brought nightmares that twisted inside him like a hand pushing down the handle of a jammed door; and the first tier, which tingled on his skin like scraped palms.

Much as he hates himself for it, he misses the marks, for the dreams that plagued him were easier to wake from than dreams of his hidden magic.

Nick is staying the weekend, primarily for the purpose of waking absurdly early to make Jamie run, but secretly to avoid Alan. This would be fine with Jamie, if not for the running.

He doesn't want to see Alan either. He doesn't want to think about how similar they are. He doesn't want to wish he were that sure about himself.

He doesn't want to use magic, and he doesn't want to use knives. He wants to sleep.

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