All Of The Stars Are Shining
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short story by itsnotaboutlove adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

All Of The Stars Are Shining

Lauren sighed as she stapled the decorative boarder to the wall, the chair wobbling under her feet as she stood on her toes.

Steading herself with a hand on the wall, she carefully hopped down and stepped back, admiring the work before her.

“Best as it’ll ever be,” she muttered to herself, moving forward to collect the mess that settled on the shelf.

With an hour to herself, as her students played tag in the school gym, Lauren took the time to decorate her classroom for Halloween.

Taking down the vibrant “back to school” projects down, up went the orange wallpaper and lime green boarder.

Soon, projects of “silly pumpkins” and “handprint spiders and ghosts” would go up, along with several other projects she had lined up for her kindergarteners.

Slipped her feet back into her heels, Lauren threw out the trash and carried her stapler and the stack of projects back to her desk.

With less than fifteen minutes until it was time to pick up her students, she had enough time to sit down and eat a quick snack.

However, just as she reached for her lunchbox, the classroom phone started to ring.

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