All Of Me
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All Of Me

All Of me

Delphine was laying in the car park holding the open wound she felt herself slowly drifting away thinking about Cosima'S words to her only a few days ago about how easy it would have been

to slip away.

Delphine was trying to keep eyes open she could'nt die like this she could'nt believe she could be so stupid to think this was the right thing to do ,

play the matyr the hero to save everyone else .

Delphine did'nt want to die alone she wanted to die with Cosima next to her living to a grand age and retiring with Cosima in a little beach house along San Fransico bay .

Delphine almost laughed at her delusions she had ruined her and Cosima ,

Cosima no longer trusted her or wanted her and that hurt more then this gun shot wound ever would no one was coming to save her she did'nt have a hero.

Or so she thought but a few moments later in the distant she could here this wheezing, groaning sound almost like the brakes of a car or bike had not be turned off and where bad condition .

She shrugged it off no she was hallucinating but then there it was again and not a moment later there was a dark blue box in front of her.

No this could'nt be really she didn't know what this thing was but it couldn't be real then she saw her .

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