all is fair in love and basketball
all is fair in love and basketball abby griffin stories

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all is fair in love and basketball

Lexa reads the scoreboard quickly.


Lexa dashes up the court with that look in her eye as the crowd chants "Comandante, Comandante",

she can feel the blood rushing through her veins as she catches more adreneline from the chanting fans and knowing that her little girl is helping her get through this game.

Defender comes rushing towards Lexa as she easily crosses her over and breaks the defenders ankles "Ankles Ankles!" Lexa yells as the blonde defender falls backwards giving her an open shot.

. she thinks. She runs up the court dribbling the ball, but she comes face to face with yet another defender. Great. Wait. She isn't coordinated. I got this.

Lexa sprints up the court bouncing the ball in one hand while kissing her hand and slapping her hand on her heart. 10 seconds.

Lexa makes a quick hesitation to the right but watches as the red-headed defender stays on her feet. 7 seconds. Fuck. Lexa goes for an over the back, crossover hesitation.

Finally, the defender stumbles.

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