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All I Want

Chivalry Does Exist

Walking away in a daze, Ella Hartman, stepped out of the hospital, completely shaken up. She ignored her father's frantic voice calling out to her, as she left the building.

She needed to be alone for a while. Walking aimlessly to wherever her feet were taking her, she finally acknowledged to herself, she needed to sit down.

Ella spotted a cafe across the street and quickly made her way there.

She noticed there wasn't many people around, a few school children with their mother or guardian, an elderly woman at the bar, sipping on her hot drink and a man reading a book of some sort.

She went to the counter and looked up at what was on offer. She was not at all hungry so, she decided to order a cup of tea.

When she placed her order, she brushed past the old lady and went at the back and sat down, taking no notice of the man who happened to glance up as she past him.

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