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A short story by bremmatron33 posted on commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

All I wanna do..

Magnus sighed as he heaved another load of rubble off onto the debris pile, it had grown quite large with the reconstruction of the city underway.

The work was going slowly however and there were no extra servos to help it along.

The team had picked out a lovely place for their new HQ to be built where the metal was stable but unfortunately the area was already being used by other edifices all of which

were unsalvageable and not up to code in the least bit.

The work of deconstructing the buildings was going poorly, the sun was hot, the air smelled of rust and the work itself was grueling, no one was happy.

They were all on break at the moment, Bumblebee who had gotten a solvent source working was hosing Knock Out and himself off, steam rising off from their burning chassis,

Smokescreen and Wheeljack eagerly awaiting their turns.

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