All I Am
All I Am wilby wonderful (2004) stories

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All I Am

Dan's good days were outnumbering his bad days, but still the bad days would happen. Those days, even Duck's gentle presence was too much for Dan's unstable emotions.

In the weeks that Duck and Dan had been living together and learning about each other, there had been moments that Duck was beginning to recognize as Dan's bad, sad days.

But that day, a seasonal September day, that was one of Dan's bad days.

Dan stared at the envelope in his hands. He could feel himself beginning to tremble a little.

He knew what that envelope held, and while he'd been anticipating the divorce papers arriving, he still felt as though his world was tipping.

He carefully set the envelope aside, and just sat there, shaking and finally just dropped his head into his hands.

Most days, he was good. Most days, he believed that Duck would not leave him alone. But that day, that moment, he was having a hard time believing in anything resembling love and acceptance.

He didn't hear the door open or the soft exclamation or even the heavy steps as Duck moved in front of him and crouched down to look at his face in concern.

Dan did feel the warm hand on the back of his neck and raised his head to look at Duck, who's concerned face wavered in front of him.

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