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A fan work by siberian adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

All He Can Give

Wesley walked into the bedroom with Angel close behind. Once he was near the edge of the bed he stopped and turned to face the vampire. They looked at each other for a moment in silence.

Wesley’s breathing increased slightly as he lifted his hands to start unbuttoning his shirt. He took his time but it still didn’t take long for the shirt to hang open.

Getting a solid grip on the fabric he pulled at it until it came un-tucked. The subtle shifting of his shoulders was enough for the fabric to slip off his form.

Wesley kept his eyes on Angel’s face as the vampire let his gaze sweep down Wesley’s torso. His hands then gripped the bottom of his undershirt.

In a slow movement he raised the fabric until he could pull it over his head.

Angel’s gaze moved over his now exposed skin and Wesley couldn’t help shivering in arousal. His fingers played loosely at his belt buckle before unbuckling the belt.

The dull sound of the belt hitting the hardwood floor went unnoticed as Wesley focused on unbuttoning his pants.

The button popped open easily, and with a slow lowering of Wesley’s zipper, his dress slacks pooled around his bare feet.

Stepping out of the fabric Wesley turned slightly so that he could sit on the bed.

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