All Grown Up
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A fiction by like-i-love-you (iron_sidhe) adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

All Grown Up

When David was on Idol he knew that everyone thought he was too cute, too perfect, and too innocent. It bugged him sometimes to hear the whispers but he was just being himself.

He had no desire to be someone else just to make people like him better.

He smiled his way through American Idol with kind words and helping hands and become friends with a great group of people. He’s smiled his way through Cook’s friends too.

The problem is that now everyone thinks they know all about him, but some things have always been private. It’s also been four years and no one seems to have noticed that he grew up.

He’s an adult not just because he’s over the age of eighteen but because he’s taken control of his career and he knows himself now in ways he didn’t back then.

He’s been trying to think of a way to change people’s perceptions when he inadvertently hit’s on the perfect plan.

He’s hanging out with Cook and The Anthemic at a bar on a random Friday night when Neal cracks a joke about him drinking nothing but coke all night.

They all know he does drink alcohol now it’s legal and he’s actually drinking a rum and coke.

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