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All for Love

Myka Bering loves her work.

She’s reminded of this every morning as she reads the title Endless Wonder Book Publishers etched across the glass door before she steps inside the small publishing office.

Recruited by Irene Frederic, the founder of the company, the job is tailor made for Myka, a woman who loves literature of all genres, with a scrupulous eye for detail and a keen instinct.

Myka loves the challenge of the work, the diversity of it, and the people she works with. Surprisingly, it’s her coworkers that have proven to be the most rewarding aspect of the job.

Five years ago when she stepped inside the office doors, her only concern was to do her job and do it well.

But now, her coworkers are family to her, and she can’t imagine her life without them, without one coworker in particular.

As Myka strolls through the office, her satchel slung over her shoulder and coffee cup in hand, she takes in the familiar sights of the office buzzing to life around her.

Leena is at her desk, sorting through emails. Claudia sits at her computer, surfing the web with Steve seated next to her, scribbling notes.

And Pete, as usual, isn’t working but absently tossing a stress ball into the air and catching it effortlessly as she passes.

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