All Eyes On You
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All Eyes On You

They don’t do it very often. It’s not like a regular thing and it started out really awkward.

Disregarding the sexual tension and any of the emotional attachment beforehand, it’s safe to say that it started with James walking in on Logan. He didn’t mean to.

It certainly wasn’t any kind of planned or schemed event. It was one of those things that happens to everyone at some point- you walk in on your roommate jerking off to internet porn.

Only instead of the expected reactions of yelling at each other to get out, it went more like-

“Shit,” Logan breaths out, shoulders still tensed,

frantically discarded ear buds on his desk giving faint moans and his lame background of the Fibonacci spiral depicted as an artsy staircase photo stares at him.

He closes his eyes because he wants the world to swallow him up whole and the Internet Explorer window tab in his taskbar to not read ‘’ right now.

But it does, and James is at the door behind him, shutting it and Logan knows James didn’t leave because he just

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