All Eyes On You
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All Eyes On You

There are some things you don’t expect to see on a Friday night.

Oliver Queen with bright pink toenails is one of them.

The week started on a high. Sure, it was going to be an insanely busy week, but Felicity’s prepared for that, and she’d had the anticipation of a girls night in on Friday.

It wasn’t their usual Friday activity, but with everything feeling so tense lately, they’d decided it was needed.

Laurel, Thea and Lyla were an unmovable force when they put their mind to something, and a girls night in was no different.

To tell the truth, Felicity was in desperate need of a girls night in.

There were some pains in life that could only be healed by simultaneous girlish laughter, ice cream, trashy movies and several bottles of wine.

There was something harmonic in female company when the world felt a little too heavy, and this week? Heavy was an understatement.

So she needed to mourn the loss of her favourite heels (now broken) from Tuesday’s trip down the stairs,

she needed to don her pyjamas to cover up the bruise of smacking her hip into the table edge on Thursday and she absolutely needed to forget all about everything that happened on Wednesday.

Just all of it.

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