All Bets Are Off
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All Bets Are Off

"I bet you wouldn't." Die leaned heavily on the table, forearms resting completely on it, one hand clutching the mostly empty glass of Jameson.

His words were already a little slurred, something that Kaoru knew took quite a lot to do these days. Which meant... Die was drunk. Three sheets to the wind. Utterly tore up.

Sighing, Kaoru sat back, the leather couch cushion shifting faintly under him. His arms came to cross over his chest, though more in a mock annoyed way than a realistic one.

He wasn't pissed at Die, not in the least. In fact, he was entirely willing to hear him out... if only he'd be a bit more forthcoming. "Wouldn't what?"

Die raised the hand holding the glass, pointing with his middle finger between Kaoru and the other man on the couch - Aki. "Bet ya wouldn't have a sneak down the rabbit hole with him."

Aki paused, his own drink halfway to his mouth, something vaguely like alarm painting his face for an instant before he waved his free hand, shaking his head.

"Dude, I know you think you get all wise when you're drunker than shit, but I'm pretty sure I'm in no way Kaoru's

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