Alice's story at NCIS
Alice's story at NCIS original female character(s) stories

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Alice's story at NCIS

The wind blows my red hair into my eyes as I walk along the beach looking for shells in the sand.

As I round a fallen tree on the ground, I find a man sitting on the other side looking down at the gun in his hand. I walk over to him and watch him for a few minutes.

"'ello sir," I say to him

He looks over at me in what looks to me shock that someone else is on the beach. "Hello little one," he answers to my greeting.

"Are you alright sir?"

"Yes I am alright. What is a little girl like you doing on the beach alone?"

"I am not little I am five and a half."

"Ok," he said with a laugh, "but what are you doing here alone?"

"My family is over there," I say pointing at the what halfway up the beach, "they are swimming but I cannot swim so I am looking for shells. Do you want to help me?"

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