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A written piece by machka adapted for commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


You had never seen Neal cry.

Not when he'd discovered as a hot-headed teen that his girlfriend was a faithless bitch. Not when he had gone

with a brick wall rather than bash in either of their faces.

Not even when your dad broke the news that with this particular surgery, he'd be in constant pain, but without it, he might never play music properly again....

There'd been no tears in the recovery room, none at the physical therapist's,

and nary a whine nor complaint when even Robby could tell from the claw-like spasms that Neal's hand had to hurt like hell.

And Neal had been stoic throughout the demise of his relationship with Alexis,

never showing even a hint of the turmoil beneath the surface when your sister said "no" to leaving New York and "no" to joining him in Los Angeles and "no" forever to an almost

certain marriage proposal, had she only just followed...

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