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Ah! The following day

Nekomi, a quiet city near Tokyo, known for its institute of technology and amongst other thing, the pranks that its members usually pull.

Despite that, during the last few years more and more unusual events have occurred in the city that would make its residents rather curious.

The occasional lightning out of the sky, the sound of a distant explosion, weird lights, or even the appearance of Fenrir, the giant wolf of doom and destruction.

Most of the times those events were easily dismissed by the masses who either considered them as elaborate pranks by the members of NIT or for some unknown reason payed no attention to them

at all.

Such was the case with the latest situation that easily topped most of the previous ones.

A full scale assault of random and superficial if not downright stupid wishes that were granted left and right, with little discrimination or logic behind them.

The ones responsible behind such an act were none others than the demons, who during a coup led by the demonessHagall and her group of followers, seized control of Niflheim by sealing Hild,

their Daimakaicho, and started to grant all those wishes in hopes to aggressively increase the demon's market share, in hopes of creating the perfect world for them.

Since their previous leader's term was about to end, just as well as her life due to one demonic law that dictated it, Hagall did all this in hopes to achieve the dreams of her predecessor,

who also happened to be her idol as well as the closest thing that she ever had for a real parent.

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