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written piece by ladymilou adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


Aftershock: (n) the effect, result, or repercussion of an event; aftermath; consequence

We won.

Those two little words keep echoing through my mind as I mostly stand and take in what everyone is saying.

Shima is going on in great detail about Konekomaru reminding everyone about the sun still shinning in Vatican City and how Suguro came up with the idea to use the mirrors.

Suguro is looking away, probably a little embarrassed by his friend's praising but he'd never let anyone know that.

Kamiki and Paku are talking to each other but I can't make out anything over Shima's now very animated storytelling.

I'm leaning on Yukio with an arm over his shoulders. It's a little awkward with him being taller and my shoulder is being stretched uncomfortably but I don't complain.

I look around and finally take in the damage the portal caused.

Rubble litters everything. Stones, bricks, chunks of concrete, all sorts clog walkways and every smooth surface.

Windows have also been blown out leaving a shimmering layer of broken glass in the slowly rising morning sunlight.

Every building in my line of sight is damaged to some degree though some more than others.

The building to my left doesn't have a single window intact and one corner of the roof has broken off but that's it beyond superficial damage.

Straight ahead though lies a dormitory and a whole wall has collapsed leaving student rooms exposed.

I can't see everything from this angle but I can see a few bright pieces of clothing caught in the rubble and a student's bed poking out precariously from the top floor.

A few pipes must have burst under the stress because I can see slowly growing pools of water coming from the neighboring building.

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