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Aftermath Chapter One

24hours. It had been 24 hours since she stood in Hank's office and suggested maybe she'd like to come back. She was surprised he'd agreed.

Thought he'd finally had enough of her crap and would toss her out for good.

But he didn't and for the second time in 15 years she sat on the edge of the single bed in Hank's spare room, her room, hands shaking in her lap. Trying to get a grip. This was the worse part.

Once the alcohol and pills stopped numbing the pain, erasing the memories, the flood came. She had to hold it at bay. She couldn't let it overtake her.

She'd never survive 30 years of nightmares consuming her all at once. Nadia's murder, oh god don't say her name, you'll only think of what you let happen to her. What happened16 years ago.

Her murder had blown the lid off the box and there was no way to stuff it all back in. Jay was right she had to face it. But how ? It was bigger than anything she's ever seen.

What had the damn doctor Hank made her see this morning call it? An elephant? More like the biggest fucking dinosaur that ever walked the earth.

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