After the Wedding
After the Wedding caroline todd stories

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After the Wedding

"We're not going down!" Guy screeched unhelpfully. He tightened his grip around Caroline's ankle, until Caroline felt like Guy was trying to screw her foot off.

Caroline looked down along her wedding dress, along the two men dangling from her feet, down at the ground that was still stubbornly moving further away from them.

"Mac, we're all going to die!" Caroline screamed. The strings of the two dozen balloons she was holding, where cutting into her hands.

Caroline looked up at the white and purple balloons and resented them for their unrelenting buoyancy.

"No we're not," Mac replied calmly to Caroline's panicky squeal.

We're going to be fine," Mac continued, ignoring Guy who seemed preoccupied with commenting on Caroline's personal grooming habits.

"What?" Caroline exclaimed.

Mac had always been a pretty stable person, but even he must be able to see they were all going to plummet to their deaths,

just as soon as the balloons decided they weren't going to lift three people any more.

And even though Mac's lifespan had been drastically shortened recently, he couldn't be calm about the inevitable pain that came with plummeting to one's death.

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