After the Storm
After the Storm paul sagorsky stories

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After the Storm

The drive from Michigan Avenue to the boardwalk was almost entirely silent. After the explosive confrontation with Paul, Julia had been visibly distraught.

Richard hadn’t meant for things to get physical, and berated himself for upsetting her. Truthfully, his body had taken over once the weight of Paul’s words hit him like a fist.

How could he be expected to hold back while Paul continued to insult the honor of his daughter? All he knew was rage until he felt Julia’s hand on his shoulder.

He left the kitchen, dazed and headed for the front door – resigned to walking back to the Artemis Club as penance for ruining what had been a lovely day.

Once he realized that Julia was following him out he stopped.

“We’re leaving,” she announced loudly. She glanced at him, pushing past him through the porch while she said it, but her declaration was meant for her father.

Her tone was angry, but her eyes were glassy with unshed tears. He wanted to reach out to her; comfort her somehow, but he feared that her anger was directed at him.

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