After the Fall
After the Fall rated t for language and dead bodies stories

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A short story by captain_indigo adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

After the Fall

It was the hottest time of summer. Insects buzzed in the trees, and the air shimmered over the dark rocks, but none of those standing in the courtyard seemed to notice.

They stood, still and silent, looking at the wreck of a structure before them. The ground itself was still broken, as though the earth slept only restlessly in this place.

The buildings themselves were varied. Some were shattered completely, others almost intact, but most riddled with dark, gaping holes, peering back like eyes at those who gazed upon them.

"Well, what the hell are we waiting for? No reason to keep hovering here forever." One of the warriors broke the silence, an easy grin across her face. Still, no one moved.

"Be careful," the leader answered at least. "Some of the rubble will be unstable. Stay in your teams, and stay alert. None of us have any reason to trust this place, abandoned as it may seem.

If you see any sign of the yoma that were reported, do not engage them alone. We do not know what bizarre secrets may still be lurking in this place.

" The spell was broken, and debris crunched under their feet as they moved deliberately towards one of the archways, and vanished into the darkness of the Organization.

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