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After the End

Dawn woke up with the sound of her alarm, the smell of bacon, and the sensation of being hit by a pillow.

“Get up already,” Buffy demanded, still brandishing her feathery weapon, “You’ve hit snooze six times already. I thought Spike was hard to wake but you take it to a whole other level.”

Dawn groaned and opened one eye a little. “Wha? Is Giles cooking breakfast again?” she asked, groggily.

“Yup, full fry up.”

Both of Dawn’s eyes became wide and clear as she pushed past her sister on the way to the kitchen.

Buffy shook her head a little, smiling and muttering to herself, “I don’t know where she puts all that food.”

“Huh?” Dawn asked from the doorway, a piece of toast now in hand. “You say something?”

“Doesn’t matter. Just don’t take too long getting ready, alright? We’ve got a lot of shops to hit for your school supplies.

If they’re gonna force you to wear a uniform I don’t understand why we can’t buy it all in one store. We’re probably gonna have to go all over to track down the stuff on that list.”

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