After the Battle
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After the Battle

There is a madness between dreaming and waking when you know what you are seeing is a dream, and you want yourself to wake up, but you cannot do so.

It's like someone is holding your eyelids shut, and much as you try to fight it, you are trapped beneath that heavy darkness. Trapped in the nightmare.

It pulls you down like a rip tide, and every breath, every attempt to open your eyes is only that: a moment between surges. Before the current drags you under once again…

And then that awful force lifted. Ryo snapped his eyes open and sunlight momentarily blinded him while he lay on his bed shaking, his fingers clutching at the bedsheet covering his body.

It took some time for him to fully register the pain in his fingers. He winced as he tried to open his hands.

He stared at the ceiling, afraid to close his eyes again. But exhaustion led him to shut his eyes again, if only briefly. He wanted to drown out the nightmare, the fear, the memories…

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