After Shock
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After Shock

"Eeeh-hah!" Talia Nelson yelled, feline reflexes letting her slalom the gray Corvette off into Nevada's scrub desert, then back onto Canyon Road.

Stop sticks fell behind, made futile by feral speed.

"Brennan, what's going on?"

The elemental mutant winced as he took his eyes off careening asphalt just long enough to glance at his comlink, knowing the sound of sirens would underscore his words.

"Now is not a good time, Adam."

"Never mind," the geneticist sighed. "Where are you and how much trouble are you in?"

"Short version?" He gulped, holding white-knuckled to the dash as Talia played dodge with swearing cops.

"You were right, Talia's fine, Dirk was the setup, GSA agents came out of the woodwork and we had to borrow a car to get out of...

" He peered at the sign that flashed past, a green splash against gray scrub. "Bixby."


Brennan glanced at the keyless ignition he'd started with a spark from his fingertips. Good to know he hadn't lost his touch. "Well... sort of borrow."

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