After Life
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A fiction by mywisesoul adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

After Life

After have spend the night with Riki Iason walk to the doors that lead to Jupiter inner sanctum. He was deeply trouble as he replay his thoughts he thought about on his way home I the car.

They was no way they could live as a couple in this society. The doors open for Iason and he push the thought from his mind as his prepare to meet his creator.

He walk into the clean and cold room and sat down on the sofa a servant enter the room holding a tray with red wine on it.

The servant which was an android without a hologram to glamour its image sat the red wine in front Iason, and depart from the room.

This was nothing new to Iason he would have weekly visit to Jupiter inner sanctum, to give weekly updates on progress on Amois.

They have their meeting and he left, Jupiter tower amd return home but Jupiter did not ask about Riki. Iason was shock that, Jupiter didn’t question him about Riki and that worried him.

Thoughts of Riki was all through out his mind.

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