After All (The Undead)
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After All (The Undead)

The attack had come out of nowhere, and high as they were, neither recognised the reality as anything more than a dreadful hallucination.

After all, it was October 31st, and they'd already seen plenty of mischief and ghouls lying in wait as they made their way to the fields where it was quiet and dark.

Lying on the grass in the middle of the first field they thought looked safe enough, having escaped the hotel in a bid to escape from the rest of the band and their disapproval,

they'd dropped some acid, and let the stress of the tour float away. Everything had been fine until suddenly they were being attacked by beings that seemed keen on biting them.

Trevor managed to fight them off fairly quickly, taking advantage of the slope and the dewy grass to slip past,

and it was only through throwing rocks at the attackers that he managed to pull Ace free, albeit with a bloody wound on his neck.

Not waiting around to discover who or what had attacked them, Trevor grabbed Ace and ran, unsure where safety was, but hoping he'd find it anyway.

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