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After All

the only baggage you can bring is

all that you can’t leave behind}

Like most things in your life, you never expected it to happen. (At least, not the way it did.)

After all, it'd barely been eight weeks since you and The Boyfriend officially moved into your new apartment together.

At the time, your main reason for moving had been that the old place just didn't have enough room for two adults and a toddler who seemed to be accumulating new toys by the minute.

You put it off for as long as humanly possible, scared to acknowledge that while The Boyfriend technically still had his own apartment- for all intents and purposes,

there were three people living there.

Moving somewhere new with him meant letting go of the safety net; meant not being able to kick him out in the middle of the night when things got rough,

as few and far between as those nights had been lately.

You had learned the hard way before about the difficulty in making a clean break with someone when their name was still next to yours on the lease,

but this time there was even less room for you to fuck things up. Now you had Noah to think about.

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