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A fan work by laurea posted on commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


Togami scowled at Naegi as the boy sat across from him in the library, paging through a book much too fast to be reading it.

Why did the boy insist on spending time with him? Shouldn’t insult piled on insult deter him?

Nothing about Naegi made sense. The boy seemed so ordinary at first glance, but in the trials, he’d even cornered Togami himself.

Facing the boy had been strangely exhilarating, a real opponent that he hadn’t expected to find.

His blood pounded even from the memory, adrenaline rushing through him again at the remembered challenge.

And now Naegi could apparently just sit across from him, like it hadn’t affected him at all.

Togami realized with a sharp, sudden clarity that he wanted Naegi to be affected.

Just as Naegi had beaten him during the trial, he wanted to turn that defeat on itself, to leave Naegi overcome and consumed by thoughts of him.

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