Adventures in Kaon
Adventures in Kaon brawl (transformers) stories

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A written piece by ultharkitty adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Adventures in Kaon

"I moved here for the work," Euphic said. "Kalis is nice and all, but there aren't the jobs in finance right now, there's no room to move up. Kaon's where it's at."

"Where are you living?" Cachet asked. Her optics were glued to her screen, but her antennae were upright to show she was paying attention.

Around them, the office was busy enough that their conversation wouldn’t disturb anyone.

Euphic took a sip of coolant. On his own screen the numbers were dancing, data from fourteen separate departments updating all at once. "I've got an apartment on The Avenue," he said.

"Do you know it? There's a big hotel then a block like a mini tower with a bar at the bottom. It's called Green Cascade. I'm five floors up."

"Nice and close," Cachet said. "Is the rent good?"

Euphic bit his lip. "Uh, I bought it." he said quietly. "I saved a while in Kalis, and property here's a lot more reasonable than back home."

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