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Adommy mpreg

Tommy doesn’t recollect becoming a masochist, but he must have at least a masochistic streak because he agrees to the Christmas party at Adam’s place.

They discuss it and decide that it’s for the best since the fans are still more than angry after Tommy’s sudden departure from the band.

Frankly speaking it’s Adam’s idea, he just goes along with it to avoid the unnecessary drama.

It takes him less than an hour to realize that he made a mistake. There are people he knows and likes all around him, but it doesn’t put him at ease.

The vocalist’s twink is all over him, and something tells Tommy that the display is aimed at him,

as if he poses a threat to a pretty young thing that might not be able to hold a decent conversation, but looks like he fucks like a machine.

He listens to a whole story of how they met, and the guy makes it sound romantic, but he knows that it played out like every other encounter Adam had with a twink.

They met in a club, fucked in the bathroom and then fucked again in a slightly nicer environment.

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