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A fanfic by gh0stwr1ter adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


Todoroki woke up shivering with a fuzzy head.

For some unknown reason he’d pushed the doona off himself which now lay in a messy pile at the foot of his bed, not fulfilling half the purposes it existed for.

Groaning he lay back down, considering whether or not the energy required to sit up and pull his blanket back over himself was worth it or not.

He must have caught that bug which had been plaguing Class-A for a few weeks, being passed along to majority of the class like an unwelcome parcel of pathogens.

It was Mineta who opened the door to the uninvited sickness, being the stereotypically weakly-immune beta he was.

Unlike alphas and omegas, betas had little line of defences for illnesses a small trade-off for not being succumbed by their alpha or omega senses every few months.

Todoroki had an unusually high resistance to colds for a beta, not that he was complaining, but this must have been a particularly virile strain.

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