Act One
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Act One

The laughter around the card table stopped when the newest stable hand entered the kitchen, pausing only long enough to shake the late spring snow from his hair like a great shaggy mabari.

There was complete silence as he stomped snow and mud from his boots and removed his heavy coat to hang with the others by the door.

The absence of the coat did little to take away from the sheer size of him – perhaps, Henri thought, he was more bear than mabari.

Sturdy farm stock, faded red flannel stretched tight across shoulders that looked more than capable of bearing a plow harness all on their own,

the fellows at the table avoided catching his eyes as he turned to warm his hands at the hearth.

Henri’s voice squeaked with an unmanful tremor when he attempted to summon it forth. He had to clear his throat twice before he could try again. “She give you any trouble today?”

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