Across the Stars (I'll Write Your Name)
Across the Stars (I'll Write Your Name) edward styles/louis tomlinson stories

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Across the Stars (I'll Write Your Name)

Chapter 1

(Hallo) Space Boy

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away….

It was extreme pain that woke Louis. His entire body burned and he cried out instinctually, trying to curl as if to hide from the pain.

He was shoved back into something cold and smooth, the ground perhaps, and there was yelling above him.

It was hard to distinguish between his own screams that were tearing out of his throat and the others around him.

His entire body felt as if it were burning and he couldn't stop the convulsions that were ripping through him.

Screaming, Louis tried to push forward, as if that would help ease the pain. Something pushed him back and he cried out.

Liquid, warm and wet, was running down his face and Louis was conscious enough to recognize it as tears from his stinging eyes.

He sobbed out words, he didn't know what he was saying, but his mouth kept moving.

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