Across The Dark
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Across The Dark

Hlil gazed out towards the horizon. All around him the kel-second saw a sea of tents, black robed figures, and here and there those clad in blue or gold.

Kel mingled with kel in a way unprecedented. In the distance too, on the edge of the camp he could see the tsi’mri’s ships.

He felt a pang of sadness, as he imagined the coming dawn when he would be leaving on that ship.

Kel Duncan had gone aboard with him, introduced him to the human kel’ein but it had seemed distant, like a dream.

It was unreal, and yet tomorrow he would leave with these tsi’mri to travel out across the dark.

He would represent the people, the face that looks outward, and see for himself the remnants of destruction that had followed those that had looked outward so long ago.

It was a strange sense of loss that he felt, an anxiousness that he couldn’t exactly place.

With the dus he could allow himself to feel numb for a time, but he had banished the beast eventually, wanting his thoughts to be clear, even if it was harder that way.

At least at this distance he wasn’t broadcasting his uncertainty to the rest of the kel. He had enough on his mind at the moment without making goodbye’s any harder.

In the end though, it had been his choice to go, it was his duty as kel second and he would not ignore the call.

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