Acquisitions Ubiquitous
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Acquisitions Ubiquitous

“Jeri, Jeri, come quick.  Let’s look out the front window.”  Tyler dashed down the hallway, yelling.

“What? Why?  I’m in the middle of something.”

“Come ON!  You’ll miss it.”

“Miss what?  We live on the most boring street in the city.”

“Not today. There’s a drone coming.”

“Seriously?”  Jeri seemed to materialize at his elbow.  “You didn’t seriously order something from AmazonDrone, did you?  How much did that cost?”

“They were having a special.  It was only twice overnight shipping. Not just anybody can order things from AmazonDrone, you know.”

“Just because we live close to the warehouse doesn’t mean that we have to waste our money on getting things in an hour instead of overnight.  What did you order any way?”

“I wanted it to be something meaningful.  So I ordered, um, Galaxy Quest.”

“Galaxy Quest?!?!  We already have that in VHS, DVD, Blu-Ray, AND digital.”

“This one we won’t open.  We’ll just frame it with the receipt.”

“Are you insane?”

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