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He couldn’t believe it, he really couldn’t. How could he get caught? How didn’t he see that coming? He should have known better than to approach the coast.

They hadn’t even thought about his well being, they had captured him and directly thrown him into what seemed to be a cell. There wasn’t any water in here.

He could feel the sharp cobblestones under him, scraping his tail, surely damaging his dark purple and black scales.

He could also feel the stones under his elbows, making them slightly bleed as he tried to prop himself up.

Who had even captured him? He didn’t know this place, nor did he know those men who had thrown a net on him.

He had tried to escape, but his tail had been caught in the net, preventing him from moving.

He already knew that people wouldn’t look for him, who would after all? Being the son of a merman and a sea witch was too much for them to deal with.

He had been able to live amongst other mermaids and mermen only because his father actually was a royal advisor, but even him had seemed to slowly care less about the young hybrid.

Him disappearing would be a relief for these people, not a worry.

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