About Last Night...
About Last Night... geoffrey "geoff" bevan stories

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About Last Night...

“GODDAMIT, DIXON! I sent you to do simple one job yesterday and you blew it! Big fucking time and this is the last straw.” His Boss shouted at him.

Hector stood in front of his boss, next to his idiot of a sidekick, Geoff, who was not with Hector on this mission so he was not sure why he was here in there with him.

Plus, that was not the only thing he has blown today. He was hired to kill a man named Sherlock Holmes but...it did not turn out the way they wanted it.

Well, maybe for the Boss it wasn't but for Hector in the end, the job was successful. It was just not for the job he was sent to do.

“Look, I tried but he got away. It happens.” Hector told them, basically lying to his Boss.

“You are an assassin, Hector. I thought you were suppose to catch and kill them on the spot? Not to mention that you are not suppose to show yourself at any time..” The Boss asked.

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