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A work by hibisha adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

About Heroes and Foes

A sharp laugh cut through the night as cold blue eyes stared ahead unseeingly, aimlessly scratching on the charred mess of a tattoo that once represented his entire being,

slumped against a broken wall in a broken city.

"Do you see Misaki?" he whispered out bitterly, the cold winter air biting into his exposed skin, "Do you see what happens when you believe is stupid things like family?

" Staggering to his feet, he cast one look around him, trying to discern what was living and what was...not.

"Really Captain? Do you see what happens when you make believe that there's acceptance?"

"ARE YOU TWO HAPPY NOW?" he screamed his throat raw at the vast space of nothingness that surrounded him.

He made a mistake of looking at the ground and reeled back in horror as two lifeless eyes stared back at him.

they seemed to scream and he fell to his knees, desperately itching to explain - to say something to deny this reality.

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