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A short story by juniper11 adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


Clouds were slightly damp wisps of air that rushed by her body. She was falling. The pressure on her body pushing her downward is what woke her up. Green eyes flickered open.

The lashing of the wind made it difficult to keep her eyes open, but somehow she managed. Upon regaining consciousness, it took her 3.5 seconds to assess her current situation.

She wasn't where she had been previously. In fact, she was in the sky when she hadn't been when she was last conscious.

Most importantly, she was falling with impending doom on the horizon if she didn't do something.

It took her another five seconds to realize there was nothing she could do to save herself.

She knew of nothing in the ninja arts that could stop her from falling when there was nothing close by her

to break her fall.

It took her another minute to call for the one person who inadvertently helped her out of every tight spot she'd been in her entire life.

A part of her thought it was shameless to still depend on him like she had when she was a child, but the other more rational part of herself that wanted to live did what she had to do.

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