Abel Outfitters
Abel Outfitters spoilers through the end of season 2 stories

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A fan work by maya_koppori adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Abel Outfitters

The word zombie has many more definitions than you'd think- there were four in the dictionary when you looked it up.

It can refer to an inconspicuous hacking  technique, or even a cocktail of fruit juice, rum, and liquor.

And, of course, the most common and well known use of the word is tied into the reanimation of the dead.

Rotting corpses, shambling through the night in eternal torment, hungering for the lives they could no longer possess.

The surviving humans keep themselves alive while fleeing these monsters, this nightmare fuel to keep little ones awake for weeks on end and jumping at every thump and scrape in the shadows.

Unfortunately, your zombies are none of these.

You straighten up, wincing at a twinge in your lower back that's the product of five years crouching down to reorganize shelves.

Surveying your work, you frown and tease one spandex strap down flat on the display table.

There's nothing quite like row upon row of sports bras in perfect order, and damn if you don't do it better than anyone else in the shop.

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