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Abandoned Ajin Drafts

Jack wakes to the feel of a hand over his mouth, which is their universal sign to keep quiet. He rolls quickly onto his side, silent as the grave as he moved to look around.

Its bright. It’s far too bright, like it’s the middle of the day.

There’s also absolutely no forest to be seen--just some shrubs and a dessicated corpse of a building midway through construction.

It looks deserted at first glance, and second glance doesn’t change his impression--it’s obviously been there for a while, the exposed metal visibly rusting.

The problem is that there shouldn’t be a building like this anywhere near them. There shouldn’t be a building like this for a hundred thousand miles. There simply

massive skyscrapers in Vietnam. They don’t exist. It’s like they’ve suddenly ended up back in America, only it’s not America either.

Despite the warning Pokerface gives him, Deck still starts to talk when he pops up beside them.

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