A Wounded Soul
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A short story by kenyancougar posted on commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

A Wounded Soul

“Come on brudder! I wanna go to the pwaygwound!”

Sam laughed as Anna jumped along next to him, her hand in his.  He loved his five year old little sister so very much, despite the fact that she could be really annoying.

They were currently on the way to the playground that was just three blocks from their house.

Anna had been driving their mother crazy with the amount of energy she had so Mom had asked him to take her to go play for a while.

That’s how he ended up on the way to the playground that Anna loved so much.

If he was being honest he would admit that he was happy to get out of the house.  Things were always crazy when his parents were planning a party and this was no exception.

He figured that he was better off here today.  Nine year olds weren’t necessary for things like planning a party.  It’s not like he would get to go anyway.

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