A Wizard's Farewell
A Wizard's Farewell harry potter stories

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A Wizard's Farewell

It was finally over. The war with Voldemort was won by Harry Potter after three long years of battle. Harry now stood over the remains of the darkest Dark Lord in centuries.

He starred at the headless body of Voldemort and wondered what he was to do now that his battle was over.

He looked up in time to see the people he had called friends for so many years starring at him with fear in their eyes. He looked around and saw the Aurours moving slowly towards him.

Harry looked at Ron and asked, "What's going on, Ron?"

Ron gulped and said, "You're too powerful, Harry. Everyone's afraid that you might turn into the next Dark Lord and there won't be a way to stop you.

The Aurours are going to send you to a place where you can learn to control the power you have now. When you have complete control you'll be able to come back and live here with us."

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