A Walk To Remember
A Walk To Remember lindsay boxer/cindy thomas stories

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A Walk To Remember

Cindy adjusted the red woolly scarf around her 4 year old daughter’s neck, the little girl looking at her with a wide happy smile and big doe eyes.

The reporter chuckled and patted the girl’s head, getting a giggle and a sloppy kiss on her cheek, before standing to her full height and looking over to her lover,

who was attempting to pull a woolly blue hat over Ashley’s ears. The girl was protesting vehemently; her ears were not cold and she did not want that hat on her head!

There were a few more seconds of struggling and then the 6 year old crossed her arms and looked at her kneeling mother in defiance.

Lindsay scowled and stared right back with narrowed eyes and the hat clutched in her hand.

Lily giggled and poked her brunette mother’s cheek repeatedly.

Cindy saw the inspector’s facial muscles twitch as she tried to prevent a smile from breaking out and make her lose the staring contest with her eldest daughter.

Ashley saw this as her opportunity and blew a raspberry, which led her little sister into bubbly laughter and caused her mother to let out a loud snort.

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