A Very Merry Christmas Eve.
A Very Merry Christmas Eve. josephine (jo) march stories

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A fanfic by thepoetess adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

A Very Merry Christmas Eve.

Beth lay stiffly in bed.

Her muscles ached from months of non-use and the sickness that had plagued her.

Tear tracks and light brown straggly curls framed her face.

Dark news had greeted her when she awoke. She hadn't meant to hear it, hadn't wanted to, never asked to hear it, but she had.

She had woken in a dream state to hear her mother and dear sister Jo speaking fearfully in hushed voices.

The Hummel's oldest child, Fredric Hummel, had died of the same sickness that had plagued Beth herself.

He had fought for some time then in his weakened state he had fallen deeper into the sickness that soon claimed him.

He had died yesterday.

It had come as no shock, Beth had overheard Marmee and the doctor speaking in low voices about the whole desperate plight of the Hummels.

The door opened and three figures came falling through the door, turning Beth's mind away from thoughts of the Hummels and sickness.

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