A Unicorn Secret
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A Unicorn Secret


Hobbits were known as a peaceful race. Kind and generous with no use for wealth, who thrive with touch and good company.

Hobbits were skilled at growning things to the point of it being supernatural.

When Yavanna created Hobbits she gave them a special bond with all things living and light.

One day a unicorn sick and dying the last of its kind wandered into the shire, where he was taken care of by two hobbit families.

On his death bed he looked to the Tooks and Baggins family's and told them that for their kindness he would gice them a gift.

The unicorn would live on in their family lines, every few generations a baby will be born with a special birthmark a horn with a star on the end.

All things light and life will adore them, for they are the last a shapeshifter unicorn with the magic that follows, but beware for things of darkness, death,

and greed would seek to corrupt or kill them.

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