A Two-Sided Mask
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A Two-Sided Mask

Lights strung through the building, setting a poetic atmosphere through the one story bar.

Time was reaching to a late hour that could have barely been read by those who kept trying to keep their night alive. There only a few people left.

A man trying to drink the struggles of adult hood lost count of how many shots he drank. A girl barely managing to cope with the echoes of her failures kept ordering another whiskey.

They were too disappointed in the world and too sober to handle it by themselves. It was just another night in city.

It was just another night for those who thought their worst enemy were themselves.

“You’ve been here before.” It was the man who spoke first.

“You would be too if you were me.” She replied.

His brown eyes shifted from the empty glass up towards her. She wasn’t looking back, she just kept her eyes on the shelf behind the bartender.

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