A True Hero
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A written piece by pattrose adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

A True Hero

A True Hero

By PattRose

Summary: Jim gets another scar to add to his long line of scars when he helps out someone in need.

Genre: Slash

Rating: Teen

Prompt: Scar

Warning: Some language and owwies for Jim.

Word Count: 4672

Beta: Bluewolf

Blair loved his new job as a paid consultant to Major Crimes, but he didn’t like being passed around from one person to the next. He missed Jim so much these days.

Blair had been super busy and hadn’t been home in two days. He was about sick to death of Rafe and Brown. But tonight they had a break and things looked up.

If Blair got everything done and all the paperwork finished, he might be able to get off by 10:00. His butt was dragging from all these hours and he wanted to sleep.

Not just sleep but fucking sleep. They had barely had enough time to decorate that week. Blair was going to make Jim remember why Christmas was fun if it killed him.

He hadn’t seen Jim in two days and wondered where he was. He got up and walked over to Simon’s office and knocked.

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