A Trial Basis, At Least
A Trial Basis, At Least lulu bell/allen walker stories

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A Trial Basis, At Least

Allen couldn’t help but wonder if it would be worthwhile to take out a restraining order on the Noahs at this point.

The Earl and him seemed to be joined on some cosmic level to continually run into one another (something he very irritably blamed on Neah every time it happened, to which the 14

typically responded with enthusiastic shouts for the Earl’s blood).

Tyki Mikk had an uncanny ability to predict his whereabouts, and enjoyed walking through walls, dropping out of ceilings and hopping through floors to catch him unawares.

On nights that he didn’t catch a glimpse of Road in his dreams, he assumed it was because she didn’t want to be seen (and, for the most part, the assumption was correct).

Wiseley didn’t follow him, but Tyki had once mentioned that the only reason was because Wiseley could see him through the demon eye regardless, which was less than reassuring.

Lulu Bell could theoretically be anywhere in any form, something he’d learned painfully after the first adorable kitten had hopped up onto his shoulder,

leaned into (he assumed) sniff at his ear, and whispered in a disturbingly sensual manner that

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